Live Event Streaming.

At Audio Visual Hub we live stream broadcast in high definition, directly to your audience’s social screens. Using remote or socially distanced single or multi-camera shoots, if they can’t come to you, we can get you to them. 

We cover a wide range of live events including corporate, sport, fashion, red carpets, music and product launches as well as weddings and funerals.

We shoot on professional cameras, and provide-wireless transmission on our primary camera, so you dont need to worry about excessive amounts of wires. We provide our own internet connection and because we use LiveU Solo cellular bonding technology which bonds a number of 4g connections together we can guarantee a high quality video and audio feed at all times, with no drop out. 

03.  Camera.jpg

01. We bring our own 4G internet so can stream from any location, with no relying on venue WIFI and no drop out guaranteed using cellular bonding technology. 

02. We can provide single or multi camera shoots


02. We arrive on Location 2 hours before the event begins


03. We can film and stream in multiple locations, or on the go

04. We provide you with a private link to share with your audience, to view the stream on the platform of your choice. 

05. Unlimited Viewers